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Igor Boutorine

The King of Hula Hoop



From January to April 10th at the Apollo Variete in the show "Teenage Dreams" in Düsseldorf



Igor Boutorine is not only one of the few male artists worldwide who has mastered the artistic genre of hula hoop - he has succeeded in opening up new dimensions through the incredible speed, the technically brilliant choreography and his casually dynamic yet elegant presentation.  


He was born in Siberia and comes from a circus family, began hula hoop training at the age of four and, over many years of intensive work, has created a breathtaking tempo hula hoop performance with which he has started his career on one of the traditional variety stages Germany in Wintergarten Berlin and catapulted himself into the limelight of show business at the age of sixteen. No less prestigious houses followed, such as Friedrichstadtpalast, Prinzregententheater and many others.


Almost hypnotizing, he captivates the audience with his sweeping, circular movements. The charming artist playfully rocks the stage and turns the audience's heads.

Igor Boutorine Profilbild
Igor Butorin Hula Hoop Artist




  • GOP Varieté shows

  • Conservatory Varieté show

  • Friedrichstadt Palace

  • Roncalli's Apollo Varieté

  • Crystal Palace Varieté

  • Et cetera Varieté

  • Friedrichsbau Varieté

  • Charles Knie's summer Varieté show

  • Palazzo Dinner Shows

  • Palazzo Colombino Dinner Show

  • Fantissima Dinner Show

  • Mafia Mia Dinner Show

  • Jamie Oliver Dinner Show

  • Ganz Ganz Anders Dinner Show Leipzig


  • Winner of TV Talent show in Moscow TV 1 Russia 2011

  • TV show in Paris TV 5 “Le plus grand cabaret du monde”

  • TV show in Paris TV 1 “Spectacle de Noel”

  • TV show in Rome, “Rai Duo”

  • Rossiya 1, League of Extraordinary People

  • Bavarian TV "Abendschau"

  • SWR, Sag die Wahrheit

  • NDR

  • ARD

  • Munich TV

  • Franconian television





Le plus grand cabaret du monde

Palazzo Dinner Shows

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